Alais Faemoon

A blind elf archer with a quest to save her clan!


Alais belongs to a secluded clan of High Elves called the “Ilysari” (“eel-iss-ah-ree”)- a holy, ancient, immortal clan of only about 600. The Ilysari live deep in the woods of one of the Western Islands, and dwell in silver-lit, celestial sanctuaries that they built into trees. They are considered keepers of the forest, and worshippers of the moonlight.
300 years ago, however, a strange thing began to happen among the Ilysari- seemingly out of nowhere, they began to age. They became susceptible to disease and pain. When before they enjoyed food only for its taste, they now knew hunger. They were mortal and able to die.

Alais was not exempt from these unfortunate developments. At age 210 (the human equivalent of about 13 years old) she awoke to find her vision blurry and distorted, and soon found herself completely. Still like the other elves, she still had to hunt for food and learn to live off the land as a mortal creature. She taught herself to lean-in to her other senses (sound, smell, temperature, etc.) and although blind, became one of the most successful hunters of her clan.

“The sickness” as the Ilysari called it, claimed over half of its clan members during its 300 year presence. With only a small portion of clan members left, the elders assigned several of the younger, healthier elves to search the world for anything- any clue that might lead to a cure or solution. Alais was one of these elves. When she heard of the appearance of the Tezdonan Inscription, she immediately signed up for the journey. Hoping to find a cure for her people, and perhaps even a way to regain her sight.

Alais Faemoon

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