A young Gnome Clockwork Wizard who has a lot to learn about the world.



Vili is from the large island and city-state of Rixis. Like most people in Rixis Vili and his family are members of a craftsmen’s guild. Specifically, Vili followed his parents into the Artificer’s Guild. This organization is on the forefront of technological advancement. They focus on the detailed work with gears, clockwork, machines, and fine metalwork. Vili always aspired to become a master artisan in his guild, so as a boy he worked hard assisting his father, Rizilbitiribli. As he rose through the guild’s ranks his talent with machines became apparent. Vili would spend hours in his workshop building ever-more complex devices and constructs, but he always felt that some aspect was missing from his designs.

As Vili transitioned from adolescence into adulthood, he began to manifest signs of magical attunement. Vili desperately wanted to study at the Wizard’s Conclave in the city, but the cost of tuition was far too expensive for his family to afford. The Artificer’s Guild agreed to pay for Vili’s tuition on the condition that he return to the guild and work for them for four years.

Vili jumped at the chance to combine his two passions, and left for school as soon as he could. He loved the next few years, and dove headlong into his studies. Consuming book after book, Vili fell in love with the great adventures of the Wizards of history.
Upon his graduation, Vili happily returned to the guild where he now works as a Seeker. In this position he is tasked with seeking out interesting, powerful, and unique devices for the guild. He is tasked with either bringing these objects back to the guild, or studying them enough to understans how they work.


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