The Tale of the Tezdonan Inscription

The Return Home

The Tale of the Tezdonan Inscription: Epilogue

A year has passed since the Tezdonan Inscription was sealed and the Illysari were freed from death once more. The world continues on much  as it has since the great war; few people outside Abysrem and Illysar know of the three heroes who protected them. The heroes Alais of Illysar, Salas of Destra, and Vili the Artificer, have each one returned to their respective homes. 

Alais has returned to her people as a leader to shepherd them back to their former glory on the sacred island of Illysar. Despite ending the Sickness Alais' blindness remains. As always see draws strength from experiencing life in this unique way. 

Salas reported back to his king and ken in the underwater city of Destra. There he told the tale of his adventures on the surface world. The story of the Inscription has inspired the traditionally isolated kingdom of the Merefolk to reach out to the overlanders. Salas emerges onto dry land once again, but this time as an emissary of his people. 

Vilibitiribli too has returned to his home, to the Artificer's Guild in the city of Rixis. Vili reported to the Head Seeker on his findings and research concerning the Tezdonan Inscription. Despite the young gnome's enthusiasm, the results of Vili's first mission was met with mixed feelings. The Seeker Corps felt that Vili failed in his mission because he did not recover the relic as instructed. The EXAM (Experimental Automatic Magic) Researchers on the other had were ecstatic over the knowledge Vili unlocked. The guild leadership decided to move Vili in to the research wing of the organization. Since this decision Vili has been running his own experimental lab focusing on imbuing constructs with magic. 



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