Rixis is an independent city-state on a large island of the same name. Rixis is the major economic center of the southern islands and is best known for its production of technological achievements such as the Automagic Navigational Assistant and Borealis Early Warning System. The Rixis city-state boasts a large population of over 300,000. This figure includes citizens within the walls of the city proper and those living the sovereign territory of Rixis outside.


Rixis was originally founded as the home of the Rixii, a gnomish clan said to have migrated to the central islands from the Eastern Sea sometime in the Early Classic Era (1324-1211BEW). Never a warlike people, the Rixii soon found their place in Ataraxia as traders and craftsmen. As the city became more influential in the region it attracted a huge influx of immigrants.The ruling Primarch dynasty, the Blitirix family, soon faced opposition from non-gnomish residents amid calls for a democratic government. In 1587BEW the Blitirix relinquished rule of the city to what is now called the Golden Council. The Golden Council is made up of the heads of the 13 major guilds in the city. The Golden Council is a representative body responsible for protecting the needs of the citizens of Rixis. 


Rixis is the home of a unique form of representative government. Due to the cultural value placed on economics, guild membership is a requirement for citizenship. Thus each of the 13 major guilds elects (depending on internal guild policy) a leader who, among other duties, form the members of the Golden Council. This council votes on all major city issues, levies taxes, and regulates trade. The Rixis Charter dictates that a guild can petition for membership in the council when they have met certain requirements. These requirements include meeting a prescribed yearly revenue, membership numbers, and providing a demonstrable benefit to the city. Guilds can lose their place on the council if they fail to maintain these requirements. The current Golden Council is made of: The Merchant Society, The Wizard's Circle, Fighter's Guild, The Artificer's Guild, The Order of Tranquility, The Holy Temple of Tymora, The Bards of Rixii, The Thieves Guild, The Sailors, The Shipwrights, The Masons's Guild, The Tanners, and the Grange. 


The modern Rixii form a demographic cross-section of Ataraxia. Despite an ongoing legacy, and continued presence, of gnomish culture other peoples have made their mark on the cultural landscape of Rixis. The common thread which runs through Rixis is adherence to the virtues of hard work, innovation, and fair play. The guild structure has played a significant role in the development of a highly developed social structure. The guild leaders form the uppermost strata both in terms political power and social standing. Next come upper level guild officials. A third level is made up of lower guild workers and journeymen on their way to membership. The lowest group in the hierarchy is made up by non-citizens and foreign residents. 

An important cultural event in Rixis is the annual Fey Festival. This two-week celebration began as a religious observance which contained feasts, plays, and cultic ceremonies. Today the celebration features a wide array of events across the city sponsored by the guilds. These events include sporting events, food, public performances, rides, and games. Religious undertones pervade the celebration, and several faiths new to the city have added their own flair to the festivities. 


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